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It used to be jet ski vs waverunner, now you add to your luxury private yacht charter private yacht charter today with our exhilarating Seabob F5S personal propulsion aqua scooters. Glide through the water with ease, have fun and explore our pristine coral reefs with these state-of-the-art aquatic machines.

In just a few minutes our professional team members brief our guests on safety and use of the Seabob F5S and then the fun begins. It really is that easy!

Choose to add up to 3 Seabob F5S to your luxury yacht charters.
Available aboard all of our exclusive charter vessels. (ask for pricing)
The ultimate in Fun and Excitement!

When you add a Seabob F5S to your charter, you enhance your in water experience by being able to explore large areas and share the experience with family and friends. Seabob F5S has a 5 hour run time, so enjoying the experience in multiple locations or sharing the experience with others is a must. Whether cruising at speed across the surface of our Turquoise Waters or diving down to explore our pristine coral reefs, you can be assured that the exhilarating fun you will have with our Seabob F5S personal propulsion aqua scooters will leave you smiling.

Lasting Memories! Of course having this much fun on vacation will always leave you with memories, however we like to make your memories lasting, so we equip our Seabob F5Ss with GoPro cameras and your video or still images are cut, edited and compressed and then sent to you via email.

Add a Seabob F5S to your charter today and make your lasting memories with Prive’.

Uniquely Privé
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